Friday, December 26, 2008

Santa Came!

This is Olivia's door. Olivia's door that was shut all the way when Mommy and Daddy went to bed that night! Can you believe it?? My whole entire life, I never peeked one time, I was too afraid of getting in trouble. But my daughter peeks as soon as she gets a chance!
She loved her pink car once she got over being afraid of it. Olivia, like her daddy, is not a morning person. Anything out of her regular routine makes her anxious. This shot, taken a couple of hours later, was right after she informed us she was going to run down to Weigel's to get an icee.

Ana Blair slept through Christmas morning, but Santa came to see her too!


Deana said...

Oh my gosh- how funny!! A pink Cadillac :-) Too cute
Santa made all the way into Dayne's room and dropped off a football and some other stocking stuffers I guess they couldn't all fit into his stocking and the next morning I kept asking Dayne how Santa did that without him waking up and he said next year he was staying awake all night- better inform Santa :-)

The Dunavant Family said...

Those are the same PJs I ran out to buy EG for her Christmas program. Too funny, even miles away, we are buying matching outfits. By the way, Ana Blair is a little Beck. Miss you.