Tuesday, December 2, 2008


On Saturday, my mom, Pattie and I took Olivia to see the Nutcracker performed. I always loved the story of the Nutcracker when I was a little girl and thought it would be a cute tradition to start when she was big enough to get all dressed up and go to a fancy girls only lunch and then on to the show. Olivia is SO into her dance class right now, I was pretty sure she would love it. She did so good, she didn't even want to get out of her seat at intermission!
This is the first outfit she has ever picked out at a store that she HAD to have. I probably wouldn't have even noticed it, but I think she looked pretty cute. It had a matching purse, so she went all around the house that morning looking for things to go in her purse...the end result: a comb, a pack of gum, some money, a tissue in case her nose started running and a Santa Claus rattle for the baby
This was the part I was really nervous about! Ana Blair being at a ballet! Michael had to work, so she had no choice but to load up and come with us. She slept through the whole thing and never made a peep! I was so relieved!
Is it wrong that I think pictures of Olivia crying are so darn cute? She had gotten a little upset afterwards because the people selling refreshments had already closed and she and I had to go and have a "talk."
All in all it was a really fun afternoon, and hopefully we will get to do it again next year. It was cold and rainy and we had to walk to and from our car downtown with a 3 year old and a baby stroller (thanks Jessica, the fold out has been a lifesaver!), but we still had fun and Olivia has talked about it non-stop ever since. Oh, and the fancy lunch--we were going to go to Fleming's but they didn't open in time so I gave the choice to Olivia. We ended up at O'Charley's! So much for fancy, but it was good and we enjoyed ourselves!

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