Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mr. Ed's Adventure Swim

This week was our second week at Mr. Ed's Swim Adventure school, and I have to say it went 1 million% better than Week 1. This week went the way I expected the first week to go. Olivia loved it and every morning got out of bed talking about going to "Ed's Home." She even insisted on making a 4th of July card for him when we were sending them out. Michael and I were very proud of her. There were several "criers" this week. I wouldn't have been nearly as devastated as I was last week when Olivia was the only one to cry. The children and parents were so entertaining, I could go sit in the 100 degree, yes literally, 100 degree poolhouse every day to watch these people. By the end of the week, she was able to kick herself across the pool on a kickboard, jump in from the side or off the diving board by herself and swim to the surface. Those were the goals for the week, so yay! Here are a few pictures from the week...

Please notice in this picture, Olivia (on the far right) is laughing at the little girl who is crying as if she wasn't doing the same thing last week.
Olivia and her buddy, Mr. Ed
She was constantly checking to make sure we were watching her every second.
I was so proud of her jumping off the diving board by herself! On the first day they did it, she and a 7 year old were the only ones to do it without having to be pushed.

Check out the awesome swim cap Mr. Ed gave her
And lastly, my mom (Nana) came on the last day to watch her. She had told her if she did good all week she would buy her a new swimsuit and a baby (for those of you who don't know, my child lives and dies by baby dolls). Once we were at the store, she decided she would not get a baby (shock of shocks) and get a make-up case instead. She couldn't wait to rip into it, so she applied her make-up in the car on the way home. I don't know who she has been watching put on make-up, but I kept telling her to switch to another eye, and all she could say is that she wasn't done with the first one yet!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fun at the Pool!

Today we went to Aunt Titi and Poppy's house for a little "graduation party" for Olivia surviving her first week of swim lessons. She has improved so much in one week, I can't wait to see what she learns this week!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dance Class

This summer has started off pretty busy, Olivia started her first big girl dance class without Mommy. They have TV cameras set up in the studio so we can watch them from the waiting room. She loves it, especially the tap part where she gets to wear her "tap tap tap shoes." They even have to wear the same outfit every week, black leotards, pink tights, pink ballet shoes and tan tap shoes, very serious stuff!
Special thanks to Miss Melia at The Cherry Tree 123 for our adorable monogrammed leotard.

My Other Baby

Our first born daughter. Such a sweet cuddle buddy. She has really enjoyed Olivia's new bed.

Swimming Lessons

This week we began swim lessons. I thought my child would be a natural. She isn't the least big afraid of the water. She is a little shy around men though, and unfortunately for her and everyone else in her class, the teacher is a man. Day 1-She screamed through most of class. Day 2-She screamed the first five minutes and Mr. Ed told me to leave. I went to the car and cried the rest of class. Day 3- She teared up when I left her, but didn't cry at all. Day 4 (today)- I snuck in and watched her jump off the diving board into 10 feet of water! I'm making Michael come tomorrow to see her improvement. We went ahead and signed up for another week of class for next week...hopefully it will go much better.
Before her first lesson

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Big Show

Yesterday afternoon was Olivia's dance recital at The Little Gym. Olivia was very shy yesterday and hardly did anything. She did however, not budge her feet from the "red line." Last recital we had, she constantly ran back and forth to me to make sure I was watching her, so yesterday we had a long talk about staying on the red line, and sure enough, she barely moved--even to dance!
Can you tell by this face that we had to wake her up in the middle of her nap to get ready to go? A 3:25 dance recital is not the best idea for 3 year olds.
Olivia and her best pal, Emma Grace. This is one of the few pictures I have ever taken of them where they are both looking at the camera and smiling.
Olivia, Emma Grace and Sophia before the show

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Big Girl Room!

Olivia's new big girl furniture finally came! We have been waiting for what seems like months, but really has been weeks for it to get here! When they were delivering it, she got her play phone out and called everyone she knew to tell them her furniture was here and it was nice and pretty. She even "called" Emma Grace and explained to her that it was HER furniture and not Emma Grace's. I swear those two act like sisters!

This is the view of her bedroom from the door. It was hard getting everything in one picture. The Princess Olivia wall hanging is the one our wonderful "Cookie" (Michael's mom) painted for me when she was a baby, but I love it too much to take it down. She is working on a new one for this room I will post pics of as soon as we get it! I don't know when that will be because I have her working on a million different projects for the baby's room as well!
My clean daughter on her new bed. She thought I was taking pictures of her, so she went from corner to corner of the room saying "cheese!"
I still have a lot of work to do on the dresser and chest of drawers. It takes me forever to figure out what I think looks good where. Her church and dance recital clothes laid out for tomorrow will have to do for now!
This is the shelf I have had in there since she was a baby. I still have some work to do here. I'm sure you can't tell, but this is her first ever dance costume and first ballet shoes.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Our Final Class at The Little Gym

When Olivia was 10 months old, she and I started going to the Little Gym. Yesterday we had our last class before their dance recital on Sunday, and then she starts "big girl" dance classes at a dance studio. We have enjoyed our time there so much and have made so many friends along the way!
Miss Stephanie has been Olivia's teacher for almost the entire time we have been going. She is so great with the girls!
Olivia and Sophia practicing the chicken dance
I know this one is blurry, but I thought it was a great action shot!
Flips with Miss Stephanie
Olivia at her first Little Gym class 100 years ago