Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Olivia Kate

Dear Olivia,

Five years ago I was handed the tiniest baby I had ever held. One of the only babies I had ever held, to be honest. I knew my life had been forever changed. But, I had no idea what those changes would be or how you would change pretty much everything that I thought I knew.

I was the baby of my family...a true baby, in every sense of the word. Most people probably thought I was too selfish to be a good mother. Less than 24 hours after you were born, my first test came. Tired and a little sore from delivery, the doctor came in and said you were going to the NICU at ETCH. We walked out of the hospital and headed straight to you. Just a little hiccup along the way, but that was only the beginning.
See...she was born with a hairbow in her hair!!

You have changed so many lives for the better. You were the thing your daddy and I never knew was missing from our lives. So many sweet giggles, silly faces and precious moments over these five years.

You were the first girl to be born into a family of boys in many, many years. You gave them the little girl they had never had...and all the sweetness that comes along with that.

You were the first child to be born into a family in many years. You brought back the magic that is childhood into all of our lives. You made holidays and every days fun again. Every day is an adventure in your eyes.

You are the most wonderful big sister in the world, the job you take most serious in life. My heart is so happy to see the friendship the two of you share and grow every single day. Ana Blair loves you SO much.
You have opened the eyes of your daddy to all things pink, rainbow-y and sparkly...and he loves it!
You make me want to be a better person. If only I could be half the person you see when you look at me. You show me the sweetest love in the world. And you have made me realize a love so deep that I never could have dreamed it up.
Sweet Olivia Kate, you are growing so quickly. I want to push pause every day when I am with you. I know there will come a day when I'm not your best friend. So, I have to enjoy every single second that I can now. You are an amazing little girl. You are on your way to becoming an amazing young lady, and I literally could not be more proud to call you my daughter.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl

Pre-Birthday Lunch

Every year we go to the Mellow Mushroom to eat the day before Olivia's birthday. I've told story on here before, but it basically goes that I insisted on eating there while I was in labor with Olivia before going to the hospital. This year we were joined by Cookie and Pop Pop, Aunt Titi and Poppy, and most of the Whitehead crew (which, in a family of 6....that's still a lot!)
Olivia and her best buddy, Katherine

Olivia and Carson

Please pray for me as these two grow up together...can you see the problems in my future??

And yes, Pumpkin Face was there. And yes, she retired to the out of doors halfway through lunch...restaurants aren't really her thing!

And afterward, we came home and celebrated with birthday cupcakes before settling in for a nice long Sunday afternoon nap!

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Birthday Fun Begins!

Olivia officially turned the big "5" on Monday, but our birthday celebrations are a little spaced out--mostly because her actual party isn't until next weekend. This past weekend Cookie and Pop Pop (Michael's parents) came into town to celebrate Olivia's birthday and deliver/install my Christmas present (which will soon be its very own post!). We just grilled out and opened presents...but the birthday girl deemed it necessary to celebrate in complete princess attire!

This girl loves presents! And yes, her presents are color-coordinated. And no, I did not do that! I have actually been lucky enough to marry into a family where the Mama Bear is as crazy as I am when it comes to certain things!

Ana Blair decided to help

Happy Birthday, Round 1!

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Last Day of Preschool

Tuesday was Olivia's last day of preschool. Ever. Sniff, sniff...

I can't believe she's such a big girl...I was a complete lunatic. Seriously.

With some of her best buds

Olivia with Ms. Jenn (she was our teacher for part of the year last year too...we love her!)

Olivia with Ms. Nancy...what a great teacher! We have been so blessed by great teachers...let's just keep praying that this good luck follows into kindergarten.

...And this is why I am a crazy person right now. This is Olivia on her very first day of preschool.

My baby

Goodbye preschool...

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Graduate

Please forgive me if my blogs get a little sappy over the next few months. My baby is getting too big. This mama is getting a little emotional! Last Monday night was her preschool graduation...and I cried as much as I probably will when she graduates from high school one day!

Olivia and her preschool friend Vanessa

Onstage singing...she has changed so much the last two years! The first preschool program she was in, she was quiet and shy. She was loud and animated this time, we were so proud!

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Getting her sweet girl's future has her as a mommy and a nurse in the hospital!

They threw their graduation caps at the stinking cute!

Olivia and Molly

Olivia and Kaitlyn

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What a great experience we have had at Farragut Church of Christ Preschool. I literally could not ask for more! My child has learned SO much and more importantly, has become a confident, kind, self-assured girl that I know will do great in Kindergarten!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Knoxville's Next Top Models

A couple of Saturdays ago, Olivia and Ana Blair were asked to model at Gettysvue Country Club for Strasburg. Olivia thought it was great. And Ana Blair actually did pretty well too! Three outfit changes, a modeling mommy in heels (Olivia insisted when they asked me) and hungry babies parading in front of people having a tea--there were cookies--resulted in an exhausting afternoon! Did I mention it was from 12-2 (know anyone who might nap during those hours??). But we made it, and I was proud of both of them!

Ana Blair was not going to participate in a group shot! And Bossy Britches was about to take off and drag her back!

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Olivia Gets Her Ears Pierced!

I couldn't come up with a creative title for this...Olivia has been throwing around the idea of getting her ears pierced for about a year now. But, she was never 100% ready for it to hurt. So, we waited. And her daddy scared her with tales of pain and blood. And one day, she woke up and decided she was tough enough.

She climbed herself up in the chair and talked to the girl a mile a minute asking questions...

She was a little freaked out when she realized they wouldn't be able to do both ears at the same time.

She did not even flinch!! Michael and I could not believe it. She just sat there and said it didn't hurt at all!

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We were so proud of our big girl!

Me and my big girl. Every time she takes a picture now with someone who has piereced ears (i.e. me, her dance teachers, Nana) she yells "earring girls!"

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