Saturday, October 30, 2010

Young Love

Olivia has grown up so much since starting kindergarten. But the biggest change is that she apparently has a "boyfriend." And this is the joker she has chosen. Haha! I am just kidding. He is actually a neighbor of our's and is a very sweet kid. In Olivia's words, "Ian is the prettiest boy in the driveway." Hilarious!
This is them on a field trip to Ijams Nature Center
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Pumpkin Face is Two!

AND in my absence, pumpkin face had a birthday!
Sweet Ana Blair,
You have changed our lives forever, you are the part of our family that we never knew we were missing. You are SO different from your sister, but there is nothing any better than watching the two of you together. You are so vocal, so strong-willed and quick-tempered. But you are so smart, so funny and just plain cute. No one can stay mad at you for long, believe me...we have tried!
You make every day longer (because you like to wake up with the sun!), but without a doubt--you make every day better!
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She's a Big Girl Now!

I know its been a long time since I I am going to give it a shot again!
Last month, Ana Blair started preschool one day a week. I was a little nervous, but she LOVES it! Her teacher is Ms. Jessica, who was also in Olivia's room when she first started preschool and a good friend from church, so that made it an easy decision.
Here she is before her first day.

This is her "Take a picture of me, Mom" pose

And here is my big girl carrying in her lunchbox (as she has done every single day since then). We had to borrow Big Sister's lunchbox for the first day, because her super cute Owl lunchbox wasn't here yet.

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