Saturday, December 20, 2008

Random Holiday Fun

I know I have been a holiday slacker over the past week or two, but there is a reason. My holiday merriment was interrupted by the fact that I had to have my wisdom teeth taken out last Friday. The surgery went really well, and I wasn't in hardly any pain at all, but I have been kind of lazy about posting....Here are some random pics of what we've been up to! The most fun thing we've done, was the day after my surgery and I didn't bring my camera, but my sister (Aunt Titi) had a pajama party for us and had someone set up in one of the bedrooms giving massages. I enjoyed that, even in my slightly drug induced state! These are completely out of order, but enjoy! We've been busy this week, so I've got lots more to post, but there is a tiny little bundle of joy ready to eat right now!

Ana Blair getting ready for church Wednesday night

Big sis

We got to meet up with our friends Lexy and Wendy (and new baby Dotson on the way) to play and exchange Christmas presents. We have been super busy with our Disney princess toys, thanks Lexy! For some reason, every year it is raining on the day they exchange gifts and it always ends up being in the back of my car in a parking lot!!!

Here they are last year, they've grown up so much!!

Getting ready for school
Hangin' out in her room
And the Sunday after my surgery, we went caroling with our small group. I didn't have my camera then either, but these were some of the pics...
Doesn't it seem like this is what she's doing at almost every event??
Olivia caroling on the steps with her friends Anna Katherine and Katherine.

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