Sunday, December 7, 2008

To Cookie's House We Go!

We had a super busy weekend, Friday afternoon my mom, sister and I headed to Nashville with the girls to go to Opryland to visit Mr. Grinch! But first we stopped at Cookie and PopPop's (Michael's parents) house for dinner, presents and of course, cookies! I will have to take pictures and post all of the things Cookie made for me, too pretty to describe! She painted dresses for Olivia, gowns for Ana Blair and she even made me my very own Christmas diaper bag! I wish she didn't work because I would keep her busy full time with projects! She had also gotten the girls some really pretty Christmas outfits, she spoils us!
Ana Blair, don't know why she has crazy eyes in this picture!
Olivia enjoying one of her favorite activities, opening presents!
Olivia fell sound asleep before we were out of their neighborhood. We carried her into the hotel and took turns carrying her all the way through the Opryland Hotel to our room. 35 lbs. feels like a lot when she's sound asleep!
But of course she woke up the second we got into the room!

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