Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Pictures

I broke down and faced the fact that I was NEVER going to get a good picture of both of my girls for a Christmas card, so I turned to a professional...I have to say it made me feel a tiny bit better to see her have such a hard time too! We have been going to the same photographer since Olivia was born and this was the longest session we've ever had, trying to get a decent shot. Ana Blair was sleepy, so she fussed every time I sat her down, until she finally conked out and we got some shots of her sleeping. Olivia, as I've said before, has not quite perfected the perfect smile for the camera and was completely weirded out by Ana Blair crying. There's also a little history with the wardrobe choices and props. Olivia's first Christmas card was taken in those boxes, bare chested, so I had the brainstorm that it would be cute to do that again this year. Also, the dress that Ana Blair is wearing was Olivia's first Christmas dress and I thought it would be sweet to have one of her wearing the same dress. Needless to say, maybe I put too many specifications on the shoot!
You can view the session pictures if you go to
Recognize that little cutie on the left? That was taken at her 2 year visit. Click Enter site.
Click on Client Proofing
The password is Claunch120308 (case sensitive)
Here is Olivia's first Christmas card pic, seems like yesterday!
Here are just some pictures I took of the girls after church on Sunday
I am loving that double chin, Olivia was such a scrawny baby, I am loving my little tubby baby!
This was before church Sunday morning, it is her morning ritual. Every morning once we are all up, she likes to get in Mommy and Daddy's bed and snooze for another couple of hours. I just thought she looked pretty comfy in this one!


The Cherry Tree 123 said...

I love those pictures. They are so sweet. Those boxes are the cutest! Where did you find those?

The Roper's said...

Great pictures! You have lots of possibilities there.

Deana said...

They are so cute!! To have girls!!! Totally understand about trying to get them both to smile and take a good pic is the hardest thing to do! That is why this year I used vacation pics :-)

Wendy said...

Love em!! My favorite of Anna Blair is #3. She looks like such a big girl holding that head up.