Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Pumpkin Face!

Ana Blair's birthday isn't until next week, but our families came into town today for the big party day! She is so different from Olivia...Olivia has always gotten really nervous at her own parties and been really shy when people sing to her. This thing here, had the time of her life today!

Me and my girls
Olivia went to the store and picked out her own present for sister, a baby doll
I didn't get a picture of the mountain of presents before she opened them, sad too...because they were all color coordinated to match the party!

Some of the decorations...
She was supposed to be outside today, but the flood made her stay indoors

Ana Blair wasn't a fan of the party hat, but wasn't it so darn cute??
She was a fan of the cake though!!

The girls super cute outfits and party hats were courtesy of ms. melia at

And Ana Blair's adorable birthday cake was from ms. jennifer at

Friday, September 25, 2009

Kreativ Blogger

First of all, I have to thank the little people...without all, what--8 or 9 of you who read my blog--I wouldn't be here today. Haha!! Kidding.
Thanks to Tracy ( for nominating me...
And here's what I'm supposed to do now:
1-Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2-Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3-Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4-Name 7 things about yourself that people may not know.5
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7 Facts about me:
1-I love being a mommy and have always wanted to be a stay at home mom. I feel like I am somehow cheating the system because I get to stay home with my baby girls.
2-Michael and I didn't know each other for a whole year before we were married. We knew each other for 11 days before we were sure we would be married--when you know, you know!
3-I obsess over and spend WAY too much money on my girls' clothes, but I know that I will only be able to do this for such a short time so I am living it up now!
4-I am ridiculous about being organized. If I see an organizational tool, decoration, anything, I have to have it. My most recent item of obsession is my MomAgenda (thanks Jessica, Melia--you need one!)
5-I am pretty much in love with mindless reality television. I refuse to watch anything serious (the world is serious enough--why can't I just enjoy a little Real Housewives every now and then??)
6- I love my family. I talk to my mom, my sisters and my aunt about 100x a day...Michael thought I was nuts when we first met over this!
7-I am INSANELY obsessed with holidays...and THAT is why you will see pics of my 100% decked out for Halloween house soon! Yes, I know it is still September.
And the nominees are...
1-Jessica at Jessica took care of my sweet Olivia when she got sick at school until I could get there...
2-Rachel at You crack me up, make me cry and feel all sorts of other emotions every time I read your blog!
3-Tammy at Mine and Olivia's besties that we still miss like crazy.
4-Melia at My college roomie who accepts how ridiculous me and my children can be...oh, and she keeps my girls in cute clothes--did I mention I like clothes?
5-Wendy at We've been friends for literally 1 million years and she needs a kick in the can to get back in the blogging world!
6-Deana at Because I think her and her boys are adorable!
7-Jennifer at Because right now she is probably slaving away over a steaming hot oven making Ana Blair's birthday cake!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back to the Beach

Last week we were lucky enough to get to go back to the beach one last time before fall really kicks into gear (you may or may not remember that I am slightly neurotic about holidays--and I swear to you that if I were to look over to my right hand side right now that I absolutely would NOT be looking at a Halloween village!). We didn't know if September would be that great, but we enjoyed it SO much! The weather and everything were absolutely perfect.
Love how sweet Ana Blair is looking at Big Sister in this one
These two are so cute together...he is truly at her beck and call
My favorite things in the world...
Decisions, decisions....a girl's life is so tough
These pictures are reversed, but notice who isn't in this picture...
Daddy was trying to get them all dunked with the water, but Olivia was smart enough to get out of there!!

She loved, loved, loved the water

This is what Ana Blair would do every time Michael put her underwater. It was like she was checking to make sure her hair was still there!!

Look carefully...those are Olivia's legs at the very tip top of the shot!

One night after dinner Michael took the girls outside so the rest of us could eat in peace...I gave him the camera to take a couple of pics.
Pole dancing, really??
Now, its back to the real world...BUT!! There is a silver lining...this week I break out the Halloween decorations!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Olivia had her first homework assignment this week. She is such a nerd and was SO excited. She had to make a "ME Pennant" to explain about herself and things she loves. I left it completely up to her and asked her what are some things she wanted on it...Here are the things she came up, Ana Blair, Mollie Moo, Dance, Gymnastics, Swimming, Halloween (not just b/c its getting close, but b/c she's obsessed--hmmm, wonder where she gets that from?) Candy--shocker, Sparkles, Bows and Tennessee football (her daddy was so proud, he went and got her an orange T sticker to put on it).
The finished product
And lastly, the other day when I went to pick her up this sign was hanging outside the door. They are talking about families this week and Ms. Nancy asked everyone what their favorite thing to do with Mom...
I think this one speaks for itself!

I love this kid!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Last weekend the Roller's came to visit and unfortunately this is the only good picture I got of Olivia and Hudson together, but its pretty stinkin' cute right?

This bathtub businesss won't be so cute in a few more years, huh??

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ana Blair's Room

Little by little, we are starting to complete a few more rooms in the new house. Ana Blair's room is finally put together...poor thing I was starting to feel bad for her because it was looking bare! But I'm super happy with it, now that its finished.

Sorry I forgot to close her closet door. And yes, that is a Halloween outfit hanging there. I had to try it on her and I kept forgetting about it!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What's Up?

This is what I found driving around in my back yard the other day...
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Do you see problems in my future?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

11 Months Already!

I cannot believe this sweet pumpkin face is almost a year old. She is such a joy. 11 months have flown by, and she has really changed this month! We love you so much sweet Ana Blair!

At 11 months, here's the skinny:
  • You have given up on your bottle, except for nighttime.
  • You love milk, and especially water from a straw--ESPECIALLY if its water from Sonic, but who doesn't??
  • You continue to be a very good sleeper and love your bed, but you are an early bird!
  • You talk, talk, talk...some words: Mama, Daddy (pronounced Daddies), Nana, Bye Bye, Hi, Thanks and Drum Roll Please....Big Sister
  • You clap and wave
  • You can stand alone and have taken a step
  • You have learned about the bow that you were born with in your hair and think its hilarious to take it out and put it in Mommy's hair.
  • You love Chanel sunglasses, again--who doesn't??
  • You love to laugh, lucky for us there is a 4 year old living in this house who loves to make people laugh!
  • You are starting to love your blanket, or anything soft in your bed
  • You absolutely love Mollie and love giving her bone to her. And whenever you are on the floor, Mollie runs across the house to find her bone and brings it to you so you can "give it to her"

Time has definitely flown with this sweet girl