Friday, October 30, 2009

Costumes through the Years

I was a devil for my first Halloween and was bound and determined that Olivia would be as well...there weren't any super cute costumes but here she is!
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Hot pink ladybug

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She was a pumpkin this year...and yes, she had 2 pumpkin costumes

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Last year she was Dorothy
And pumpkin face was what else?? A pumpkin
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I have a few pics of Olivia in her costume this year, but they aren't on the computer yet and Ana Blair hasn't worn her's yet...
I will update tomorrow!

Pizza Day

Olivia and I both have a favorite day of the day! This is the glorious day that mommies don't have to pack lunches and children don't have to eat yet another pb&j...the pizza fairy magically arrives at lunchtime with pizza! Yay!
At Olivia's school, they always wear their school t-shirts...try making this thing look cute! This literally was our first pair of jeans and she was so excited, but by the end of the day she had decided she didn't like them...and who can blame her? Stick with an elastic waistband as long as you can sister!
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Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Patch!

Last week I got to go to the pumpkin patch with Olivia's school...those of you who know me and know how much I love fall won't be surprised to know that we had a blast!

Olivia chose her outfit herself because she was looking for the perfect pumpkin just like the one on her dress...
Olivia and her sweet friend Molly
Olivia with some of the kids from class...actually all but one of these children rode in our car!! I was not prepared for the noise level that 4 children can muster up...especially Olivia and Molly who are "quiet."
Kaitlyn, Olivia and Molly
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Friday, October 23, 2009

Show Us Your Fall Decorations

Kelly's Korner is hosting a Show us your Fall Decorations Home Tour...
Fall is my FAVORITE time of year and I may go overboard, but I love it!
This is our fireplace in the back yard
Front door
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You can't really tell, but these glittery guys say Trick or Treat

Witches brew recipe and glasses
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Living room

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Guest room
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Olivia's room...the pumpkin says crazy for candy--so true
Ana Blair's room

My self-proclaimed title!!
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The girls' bathroom
It has a witchy theme

love my candy!!
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happy halloween!
i can't believe its almost here!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bear Down!

Sunday after church, Michael and I buckled in for the drive to the big city of ATL for the Bears game! Way back when, when we were spring chicks we used to take a trip to Chicago every year for a game and some shopping. We have done that since before Olivia was born and the last time we saw them play in person was in Nashville when Olivia lived in my this was a long time coming! We had such a good time despite the loss!
Our signature Marriott hotel shot...
At the stadium...

Like a kid at Christmas, I tell ya...
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