Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas with Great Granny

Saturday afternoon I took the girls down to Spring City for Christmas with Great Granny. Michael was working, so we had to brave the rain without him. Ana Blair cried the whole way home. Do you know how far Spring City is from Knoxville? Not that far, about 50 minutes. Do you know how long that feels when there is a child screaming behind you??
When I was a kid, this was such an exciting night because it was pretty much the beginning of Christmas. We always did it the week before Christmas and it was so exciting to get a few Christmas presents early!!!
Olivia and Ana Blair with Poppy (my sister's husband)
Ana Blair and Aunt Titi
Olivia and Aunt Kiki
Olivia with Aunt Kiki, Aunt Titi, Poppy and Esmerelda--Titi's daughter
Seriously this dog has as many clothes as Olivia, and if you know Olivia, you can imagine how much that means!

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Wendy said...

Great Granny looks the same as when I saw her 10yrs ago! Loved seeing pictures of the family. Sorry about the long car ride home. I sure remember Lexy giving us some rides like that.