Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Big Show

This year was Ana Blair's first semester at The Little Gym. At the beginning of the year, we weren't so sure if TLG was meant for Ana Blair, but by the end--she LOVED it! She was the child screaming as we walked to the car. They had their "Big Show" the other day, so I snapped a few pictures...

This is Ana Blair receiving her "ribbon" on the notice its not in her hand because she promptly threw it down on the ground!

A failed attempt to get a group picture...

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Not the most flattering picture of Ana Blair, but definitely funny...I think this one shows how much she loves The Little Gym now

Going for a ride on the parachute

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

How the Other Half Lives

Most of you know that Michael and I (and our girls) are very lucky to have family close enough to us, that we get to enjoy a few weekends here and there to ourselves...and let's be honest--the kids don't hate it either! And most of you know that my children are semi-groomed at all times, usually with a giant bow in their head! But, I learned a long time ago that grandparents do things VERY differently from Mom and Dad. And if I want to continue to enjoy my child-free moments, then I would have to learn to accept this. That said, a while back I had to borrow Pattie's camera for something because I had forgotten mine. When I sat down to upload the pictures to my computer, I was met with a few images that had me laughing. And I thought I would share.
This picture was taken at the beach. Wait a minute...I WAS THERE! Where was I when my child was dressed like a hobo?? Please note that she is wearing shoes--she went out like this.
Really? Instead of taking Ana Blair's hand out of the toilet and putting the lid down we decide to grab a camera? Really??
These are some strange children I found amidst the pictures...clearly not mine.
Those aren't teeth in Ana Blair's head. Those are marshmallows. And she's wearing pajamas, which means one of three things. 1. Its first thing in the morning and we're having marshmallows. 2. Its right before bedtime and we're having marshmallows. or 3. We spent all day in our pajamas (which doesn't by any means mean that we spent the entire day at, no, no...I'm sure this day entailed breakfast at The Ketch-a-Bite, a trip to the beauty shop, by the bank, stop in to see Great-Granny, lunch with Kiki and Titi and The Red Barn and probably on to church or somewhere like that).
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I guess this one was too good not to post twice??
What?? This is how I roll...toast and eggs kicked back on the couch.
What? Don't you hang out on porches with an army of snowpeople?? Its like she's the lead singer of their band.
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Spring is Here!

I just wanted to invite anyone who is interested to my house Friday, January 29 from 11-4 for a Kelly's Kids party! Drop in anytime you can... a special bonus...Melia from The Cherry Tree 123 will be here with her spring samples!

Message me if you need directions!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Daddy Daughter Dance

Last week was one of the highlights of Olivia's dance year...Daddy Daughter Dance Week. She and I had been looking forward to it for weeks! Not so sure about Daddy, but he was definitely a trooper!

There are a lot of pictures and they are in complete random order, but I just couldn't narrow it down!

They made the daddies do the "crab walk" across the dance floor...all I can say is I'm glad the mommies didn't have to do it because I know one mommy that may not have made it!

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Ana Blair wanted in on some of the action

Teddy Bear Dance...priceless.

Olivia was upset though because she had been planning to get Daddy the Smokey dog they have there for the kids to pick from but someone beat her to him!

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Ana Blair enjoyed as much of it as she could and then decided she could use some snuggle time!

This one is my favorite

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Another really great moment...shoe changing time. Daddy was helping her, but Olivia decided she needed a lip gloss break first.

More glossing...

This is the look Olivia reserves only for her Daddy

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Daddy Daughter Dance Week was so fun and funny...but it really does serve as a reminder as to what a great Daddy Olivia has. Not just any Dad would do the Teddy Bear Dance!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Little Book Worm

Olivia is dying to learn to read. Seriously, the child wants it so bad...yesterday at Target she asked if she could have a book and headed over to the teenage section. She wants books with NO pictures. She will sit with her American Girl book or Wizard of Oz book forever, just staring at the pages. So, I decided she was ready for she and I to start reading a chapter every night before bed of Kit Kittredge. So far, she loves it. She listens and asks questions. I think I was as excited as her the first night...I myself was a book worm at one time (you know, before kids, when you had time to read books other than The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Pinkalicious).

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She's getting too big...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rocky Top Sign

Believe it or not...I had actually been considering ordering this sign for Michael's office...then the unfortunate coaching news broke...
Oh well...I guess Knoxville always will be Home Sweet Home no matter who our coach is!

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My Girl Likes to Party All the Time!

In this long, cold and basically depressing month of January, my kids have partied! We have had three birthday parties since Christmas--Olivia LOVES to go to birthday parties (I think, in part because of goodie bags!). But last Saturday night, this little pumpkin face went to her first birthday party. Her little friend Cole, from The Little Gym had a party there and they invited Ana Blair and Olivia.

About a thousand years ago when Olivia was in classes at the Little Gym, she had a class with this little guy (he's the big brother of the birthday boy) and by chance Ana Blair ended up in class with their second child. I actually have a picture of Olivia and Keylar when they were close to Ana Blair's age I will post.

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Then, that same night we headed to another gymnastics party. This time, a friend of Olivia's from church. Ana Blair loved sitting on the trampoline and letting some of the bigger girls bounce her around.

Said bouncing

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And Olivia got to go to a party at The Groovy Pad for her buddy Kaitlyn...she loves that girl and loves that place, so it was a win-win.

Olivia and Kaitlyn after their makeovers...Olivia was especially excited because they put EXTENSIONS in her hair...yes. You read that correctly, extensions.

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