Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas at Titi and Poppy's!

Every year before Christmas we go down to my sister and brother-in-law's for a little pre-Christmas dinner. Teresa and Ronnie usually give their presents to Olivia that night so that she's not completely bombarded by presents on Christmas Eve and Day. Many of you who know my sister know that she doesn't really do anything on a small scale. Everything is to the max, and this night was no exception. When it was time for Olivia to open presents, there weren't any to be found. So Olivia went on a scavenger hunt through the house looking everywhere! The kid loves presents! And when we finally made it upstairs she opened a closet door and Teresa had completely emptied it out and made a little Christmas haven just Olivia's size. Words can't really describe how cute it was, even Michael was speechless. She had garland and lights and Olivia's favorite Christmas music blaring, a recliner, a mini tree, presents and tons of candy. Olivia kept saying, "Mommy, its SO pretty in here!" We asked her later that night was her favorite gift was and she said, "getting to go in that room." It was adorable! Thank you Titi and Poppy, we love you!
Olivia's face after seeing it for the first time... These pictures don't do it justice, but it was super cute!

Relaxing in her recliner the next day!
Like I said before, Teresa doesn't do anything small, she even made poor Ronnie dress up in a Santa suit!

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