Saturday, December 19, 2009

Preschool Christmas Program

Did I mention we had a busy week at preschool? Thursday was their program, and more lunch! The kids had made little Santa sweatshirts with their hands and one of the teachers had made the girls this hairbow. They were supposed to wear jeans and after I dug Olivia's only pair out that morning, I must confess that I stopped at Kohl's to buy a new pair on the way to pick up lunch--they were about 2 inches too short! The kiddo is not a fan of jeans, but at least these covered her ankles!
Waiting for her turn to go onstage
I know you could never pick her out in the crowd, but she is on the second row, third from the right hand side.
She did so good! Such a big change from last year when she was so shy I didn't even know if she would open her mouth onstage!
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Look who made it...pumpkin face! She didn't make it the whole show, but she did go inside to see sister onstage.
Olivia has finally faced her fear of Santa...
She told him she wants a teddy bear??? What??? What happened to the other things you wanted from Santa? I hope Santa is able to make it out in this weather for some last minute toy making!

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Jeanette said...

What a beatiful group of children. I bet you had a grand time.