Thursday, December 24, 2009

Polar Express!

The Polar far my very most favorite Christmas family tradition...this year, however, it seems as though the cards were stacked against us. The interstate is closed...not a problem for Ms. Christmas Spirit! We will drive the back way to Bryson City, NC--otherwise known as "The Dragon"--never heard of it, not going to deter me from my destination. Snowstorm, hahaha! reschedule the trip! We will go on Monday, rather than Friday because 18 inches of snow will have melted by then, right??
Well, after a couple hours of me almost throwing up, wetting my pants and being called every unkind word that Michael could think of that was appropriate for a 4 year old to hear...we arrived--safe and sound! I should have taken pictures of some of the trip, but I couldn't because Michael made me lay my seat down so I couldn't see what was going on and make him even more nervous than he already was. So, Michael and I did our best to put the trip in the pitch black darkness that we had ahead of us and enjoy our journey to the North Pole. please!

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Hot, hot, hot chocolate! (Really, lukewarm hot chocolate, but you know who managed to spill it on our gown before pulling out of the station!)

Pulling into the North Pole...did you know that's Santa's house??
I haven't lost my mind. We were singing Rudolph and we were supposed to be doing that. Don't ask me why the 4 year old was laughing hysterically at her mom
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Santa just boarded the train!
Do you think she's excited??

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The first gift of Christmas!
I imagine Olivia's head is thinking something like this..."I won't be dumb enough to lose this bell because of a stupid hole in my robe...nope I'm keeping this thing safe."
Caroling on the way back

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Next year, we will be brave enough (IF the interstate is open) to take Ana Blair with us!

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