Monday, December 14, 2009

Decking the Halls 2009

Its no secret that I LOVE to decorate for the holidays! Some may even say that I go overboard (those people are just plain Scrooges!) Although, with this being our first year in this house, I must admit, I feel kind of bare...oh well, I guess I just need to buy twice as much in 2010!
So come on into my living room (and yes, that is Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer playing), and if you look close enough, you might even find Jingle Belle Tinsel our family elf!
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Christmas tree during the day

...and at night. Confession: Mollie thought this photo shoot was about her and I didn't have the heart to tell her it wasn't, so you might find a little extra Christmas cheer in the form of a weim in some shots!
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My super cute new tree skirt

View from the kitchen
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Front door
View from our front door--guess I should have put this one first!
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Not a lot going on in the kitchen...this is my "project" for 2010!
Michael's Chicago Bears wreath in the year the lucky boy will have his very own orange and white tinsel tree!
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Master bedroom...the Santa Baby room
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That is a giant Santa belt across the comforter

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The girls' bathroom

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Olivia's room...she also gets her own tree next year

Ana Blair's room

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Back door wreath...thanks for stopping by!
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Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Beautiful job, you seem like me, I decorate every room and enjoy it so much, thank you for sharing.

Jennifer said...

OMG!!! You are such a great decorater!!! I need you to come down whwn we move in and decorate my house!!!It looks beautiful!!!

Allyson said...

Your tree is BEAUTIFUL! And I love the Santa belt on the bed! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Cristin said...

Beautiful home! Thank you for the holiday tour - music and all!!!

Merry Christmas!


Tiffany Ann said...

love it. We have pretty much the exact same tree! ribbons and all- I think I need that tree skirt... email me where you got it!

Lindsey said...

so fun! I know your girls love it!

Lisa said...

I love all your Christmas decor! It's absolutely beautiful! Where did you get the green and white polka dot ornament holder with the "jolly jolly" ornament? Also, where can I get a frame like the one that says "the greatest gifts?" Merry Christmas!

The Claunch Family said...

Tiffany--I got the tree skirt at a place here in Knoxville called The Wild Pineapple
Lisa--I got the Merry Merry ornament from the same place. The brand is Cotton Colors, I think. It is the same company that makes the Happy Everything Plate. The "Greatest Gifts" frame is a company called Glory Haus, they have some great things!

Mary-Kate said...

Love it!

The Roper's said...

Love it all!! Your bed is beautiful! need to be a holiday decorator!

Jessica said...

WOW!! I love your decor and especially love your tree skirt!!! that is great!