Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Little Soldier

Saturday night was Olivia's dance recital. The theme of the show was "Dancing through the Nations." Olivia was lucky enough to get to dance for the good 'ol US of A. I took her to get her make-up done that day, and she went from normal to crazy in about .5 seconds after she saw her reflection!

Waiting in the drop off line before the show

Do you think she was excited??

This is her on stage. Do you see the child in front of everyone else? That's not her. Do you see the child directly behind the one that is in front of everyone else? That is her.

Olivia and her daddy afterwards

Her bff Katherine came with us...what a friend to sit through 3 hours of dancing!

Olivia with Aunt Titi and Nana

Olivia and Mommy

My tiny dancer

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