Monday, June 21, 2010

A Visit from the Tooth Fairy!

Last time Olivia visited the dentist they told her she had some loose teeth...well, since then she has wiggled and wiggled. Last night, she convinced her daddy that one was loose enough to be pulled. That's right, SHE convinced HIM to pull the tooth! She was so excited!

So, we filled a fancy glass up with water and dropped the tooth (she named it Katie) into the water...

...And this morning...ta-da!! The tooth fairy had come, left a little cash and a pack of sugarfree gum and reached into the glass to get the tooth. The water turns whatever color her beautiful fairy dress happens to be that night!

...And the story is not over yet! Today, after swim lessons I look over at Olivia and realize that she has lost ANOTHER tooth! This tooth (Little Claunch) is missing. I am thinking she either lost it in the pool or ate it with her Lunchable this afternoon!

My baby is officially a big girl! A big girl with a lisp!

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Steven said...

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The Roper's said...

I did not know that about the glass of water! What a cute idea....I will have to remember that :)