Monday, June 7, 2010

Its a Luau!

Olivia decided she wanted her fifth birthday party to be here at our house. We had never had one here before, so I obliged. What trouble can a small luau, an inflatable and some cake be? Have you met me?
One day before the party, I was ready to throw in the towel. But, we made it through, and it was actually fun! And, as usual, there aren't as many pictures as I would like. I take 100 pictures on normal days, but just can't find the time on special occasions! I didn't even get a group picture or pics of the all the decorations!

Party Favors

Our back door, leading out to the luau

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Pumpkin Face was here...she wasn't so sure about the 50+people invading her back yard!

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...So she decided to take a nap with Nana

My little ham always gets a little shy when "Happy Birthday" starts

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"...Oh, there's cake--maybe I should wake up for this!"

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Mary-Kate said...

The cake looks awesome!!

The Roper's said...

So Cute!!! Of course :)

Jessica said...

very cute party!!!