Thursday, June 25, 2009

What We've Been Up To...

Life definitely hasn't slowed down at all here at the Claunch house since school ended and summer began. In fact, we've been so busy I haven't even had my camera most places.
Here is my best effort at a Father's Day pic...yes, out of about 20, this is the best. Is it just me, or do planned photos just not work?
Olivia went to her friend Molly's birthday party at Premier where we take gymnastics. She really enjoyed having total freedom on all the equipment!
The group pic at Molly's birthday
My sisters and I went on a girls only Christmas trip to Pigeon Forge. This was the only Santa I could get Olivia close to. We stayed at the Christmas Inn there where at 9pm Santa Claus gathers around the fireplace and sings carols...very cute. You know, if it was December. Instead we were at the pool gearing Olivia up for swim lessons to begin.
We have been in swim every day this week. I don't have any pics. Why?? Because I get the joy of being in the pool with her every morning!! The upside--my little darling is a swimmer! She may not win any Olympic medals anytime soon, but by golly, she will get to the wall of the pool!
We're taking her to my sister's pool tomorrow, so I will try and get some pics then.

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