Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Creative Discovery Museum

Monday we loaded up the car and headed to Chattanooga to spend the day with Wendy, Lexy and Lilah at the Creative Discovery Museum. We had never been there before and Olivia had so much fun! Nana was nice enough to offer to take care of Ana Blair so I could help Wendy with Lilah. The joke was on Nana though because Lilah slept almost the whole day!

They look like they're in a cage in this one and sometimes I think that's where these two belong! They do, and always have fed off of each other and just crack up over the crazy things they do! Dr. Olivia about to give Ms. Wendy her physical
Olivia jumped on this first thing and was ready to start swinging. I explained to her that it was a pulley and she was supposed to use the rope to pull herself to the top. Her upper body strength must be better than mine, because she actually did it! I was able to do it too, but it was a little harder for me!!
Then the girls decided it was much more fun like this!

Thanks girls! Can't wait to see you again! Seems like we see you more now than when you lived in Knoxville! We are getting so spoiled!


Mrs. Kelly said...

How cute that your girls are friends!

Jennifer said...

Hey - love the Accapella song - it's one of my favorites!!!