Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Princess Party

On Sunday we had Olivia's birthday party with her friends at the Groovy Pad. She had a princess party, and it turned out really cute! The girls had SUCH a good time! They got fancy princess "updos" with glitter, make up and a manicure. Even the kids with older siblings got in on the fun and got their hair and make up done too! Olivia was very adamant that she only wanted girls at her party--except Carson (and she gave approval for his brother too). I really worried about how they would do at the princess party, but even the boys loved it! They spiked up his hair and sprayed color in it and gave them tattoos. We had such a good time and I am so happy we decided to do the party there, kind of at the last minute.
Olivia with the Whitehead family, she loves them so much. I think she wishes they would take her in!
Olivia and Carson
This picture alarms me, I have never seen my child hugging on a boy--and he looks like he's enjoying it too. Add this picture to the fact that his birthday gift to her (technically from the whole family) was a silky princess nightgown--I'm a little scared to see what the future holds for these two!
Olivia and Caroline
Olivia and Micah--is it me or do these two look like professional posers?
Olivia and Kilah
Olivia with her BFF Katherine
Olivia and Molly
Olivia with Lexy--Lexy really does love her. I could go back and find pics of them less than a year old with Olivia choking her like this!
The girls getting all dolled up
Sweet sisters, Ana Blair is very into kissing right now
Enjoying some QT with Nana
Olivia dueling with the boys
Ana Blair enjoyed the party too!
Cupcake time!
They had so much fun!
4 year stats: 35 lbs. 41 in tall


Deana said...

Oh wow that looks like fun!! I will not know what to do if we ever have a girl!! I am so consumed with tractors, trains, making body noises, sword fights...... Boy world- What an awesome party!!!!

sophiemac photography said...

I'm so sorry that we didn't make it. I had a terrible migraine. Can we meet up next week to give Olivia her present? It looks like it was such fun! I really hate that we missed it. It was all mommies fault!