Thursday, May 14, 2009

School's Out for Summer!

I can't believe my baby's first year of preschool is already over! It seems like yesterday we were walking her in for the first time. I had a big round belly, and now I have an even bigger, rounder baby! Olivia was excited for her last day because it was Pizza Day, Ice Cream Party Day and I brought some cupcakes to school since her birthday is in a couple of weeks. But she tells me she is very sad that she doesn't get to go back to school until fall and how much she will miss everybody.
Olivia with Ms. Jessica. Ms. Jessica hasn't been in her room for a couple of weeks because she moved to another classroom, but we are SO glad for the time we had with her. I always knew Olivia was in good hands! We won't miss her though--we still get to see her every week at church!
Olivia with Ms. Denise
And yes, she's wearing a different outfit in this one. Leave it to my child to make it all year without ruining her clothes and spilling paint on herself on the last day of the year!
Ms. Jen, she wasn't in our class for long, but Olivia loved her.
After school Daddy took us all for pizza at Brixx and ice cream at Marble Slab--yes, that's what Olivia had for lunch at school, but it was her request!


Our Family said...

Their cherry outfits look so cute on them!! Does the bubble fit Anna Blair ok? She should be able to wear it all summer long. I have seen a small preview of the fall line and it's adorable!! They have smocked fleece pullovers that are so cute.

The Claunch Family said...

Thanks! The bubble fits her really well, I definitely think it will last the whole summer. I think I saw some pics on FB of the new fall line and I got really excited, I love the pullovers for school and things like that.
Your boys are always so ADORABLE! Too cute!