Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fun at the Zoo!

This past Saturday we got a visit from our friends, The Roller Family. Hudson loves the zoo and Olivia's not going to miss any opportunity to boss another child around. After a pretty questionable lunch with 3, yes all 3, grouchy children, we headed to the zoo. We took our chances with the weather, but got lucky because it ended up being perfect!
We were all worn out by the end of the day--not worn out enough for Hudson or Olivia to fall asleep or worn out enough for Melia and I to make it to a couple of stores to shop though! Apparently the real fun started when Melia and I left because we heard stories of ceiling drops, tackling contests, Hudson climbing the hill in back and my ultra-modest daughter mooning Hudson and Ryan! Olivia's room was a disaster by the end and I thought she would hyperventilate--the child is anal about things--I can't imagine where she would get that from!
Meanwhile, Ana Blair slept, ate and bounced right through it all!
This gorilla kept turning around and staring at Olivia, he looked so sweet!
Olivia's favorites were, and always have been, the giraffes

Thankfully, this little princess snoozed through most of the zoo

Who ever could have imagined this pic 10 years ago??
Melia, you're missing a child and the double stroller!!
This is what we dealt with at lunch, except add the volume of Ana Blair screaming no matter what we did to appease her...


The Cherry Tree 123 said...

I just laughed so hard! I forgot Hudson climbed up to the top of your hill!! That was such a fun day. We need to plan more stuff together!

Jennifer said...

How fun even with 3 grouchy kids!! :) Glad that you two have remained such close friends!!