Friday, May 8, 2009

Donuts with Dad and Mother's Day Tea

Last week at school they had Donuts with Dads to celebrate Father's Day since they won't be in school in June. This is the pic I got to take that morning before they left. For some reason, Michael didn't jump at the opportunity to snap a few pics of Olivia in class like I always do...
They had donuts and she made him a business card holder and answered a little questionairre about him, here it is...her answers are in quotations...
My dad is "1" year old.
My dad weights "20" pounds.
My dad's favorite color is "blue".--she got this one right
My dad's favorite food is "pizza".--right again
My dad's job is "to go to work".
My dad likes to "help my mommy".
I like to "swing on a swing" with my dad.
I love my dad because "he's so nice."
And yesterday I got to go for a Mother's Day Tea. It was so cute. They had table cloths on the table and little place settings set up. Olivia made me a card and a box with her pic on it and some little thumb paintings. It had candy in it, but she has already polished that off.
Here are her answers about me.
My mom is "1" year old.
She weighs "26" pounds.--I found that kind of flattering until I realized Michael was only 20 lbs!
She has "black" hair and "brown" eyes. Got that one right.
Her favorite color is "pink." right again
Her favorite food is "hot dogs."--WHAT???
She is happy when "sometimes."
Mom and I like to "play with our baby" together.
I love my mom because "she will play with me all the time."
Sweet girl.


Jennifer said...

Sweet gitl! Cooper and I have "Muffins with Mom" on Tuesday and we both are very excited!! Happy early Mother's Day!!

Denton Family said...

Gotta love FCCP. I think that the dads is the best idea. I also love the answers to the questions.

The Cherry Tree 123 said...

Aww, so sweet. Happy Mother's Day!