Friday, May 8, 2009

7 months

Ana Blair is 7 months old! Time is going so quick! I feel like just yesterday I was blogging about her being 6 months! She is such a sweet baby. Some of the things she's up to now:
She got pumped up to a big girl car seat. She was busting out of the baby one from all sides! She is enjoying her Stage 2 baby foods, except carrots. She continues to be a good sleeper except she has become somewhat of an early riser (any time between 6:30-7:30). She knows her name, actually she has for a while, but I'm not sure when that first started. She had her first ear infection this month. She will get up on her hands and knees, but that's as close as we've gotten to crawling. She loves to stand. Still no teeth! She loves bath time with sister. She loves for Olivia to tickle her, she dies laughing and is red all over from Olivia being so rough, but she loves it! She got to model for our photographer this month for some pics she's hanging in her studio!

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