Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

Yesterday we went to Spring City to Pattie and Alvin's house for Thanksgiving, it was such a nice and relaxing day. I don't think I held a child all day long! Olivia, for the first time in her life, sat down to a real Thanksgiving meal with us and ate actual food!! My child is very picky and won't even eat macaroni like normal children. She's like her daddy in the fact that she is a meat eater though! Her plate had plenty of turkey and ham on it!

This isn't the best picture of Ana Blair, but just to prove that she actually was there! She slept in her carseat all through the meal and we actually ended up having to wake her up because I was afraid she wouldn't sleep that night, she is such a good baby!
See her cute fall gown that Cookie painted for her!

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The Roper's said...

Your girls are always dressed so so cute! Love it!