Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mother/Daughter Dance

Last night was Mother/Daughter Dance night at Olivia's dance school. She didn't feel well (she has a cold), and we tried to convince her to stay home, but she would have none of it. I had to force her to stay home from school today. I knew if she had her way and went, I would be getting a call asking me to come pick my germy child up! Believe it or not, she wanted to go to school because she didn't want to miss her turn at show and tell!
Here we are getting ready for class...not a very physical workout, but the very first physical activity I have done since Ana Blair! I go tomorrow for my 6 week follow-up and hope to be hitting the gym soon, if I can find a time to go!
I only got pictures at the end of class during the "freeze dance." The rest of the time I was right there with her doing the Fireman, Wibble Wobble and Dora the Explorer ballet and tap dances! I think they're all so cute in their matching outfits!
I'm very excited because in January, there is Father/Daughter dance night, so I will be sure to take tons of pictures for that one! Check out two of her teachers in the background, they're SO young! I'm so old!
This isn't a good picture of Olivia, but this is her very first "homework" assignment. She had to decorate a turkey feather for preschool. I thought it was pretty noteworthy that when I asked her what she wanted to put on her feather, she was very clear that we would need glitter, stones and yes, that's right, a hairbow. And it had to be only purple and green, that's it (her words).


Deana said...

She cracks me up!!! She sounds like Dayne :-)

Denton Family said...

Hey. we missed her at school yesterday. She can do show and tell on Thursday.

Jennifer said...

I love the hairbow on the turkey feather!