Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fantasy of Trees

Yesterday, rather than braving the malls, my mom, Pattie, sisters, Olivia and Ana Blair decided to visit Fantasy of Trees. We started out the morning with a girls only breakfast at Mimi's Cafe and then headed on to the event. Olivia loved it, Ana Blair slept through it, and the adults were worn out when we left.
Olivia was SO nervous about seeing Santa. She cried last year, but knew she had to be brave if she was going to take her baby sister with her this year. She kept telling Ana Blair not to cry, I think she was really talking to herself. While we stood in the line, her emotions ran the gamut, she went from excited to nervous to full out "I don't want to." But she smiled for the camera and froze there. She wouldn't get down, she waited until I came to pick her up off of Santa's lap. She said she asked him for a baby, but forgot to ask him for a pink car so she wants to write him a letter.
Her face while we waited for Santa
Riding the carousel, why does she always have gum in her mouth when I am trying to take pictures?
Getting her face painted
Trying to model her candy cane painted on her face, but she kept turning her head the other way at the last minute
Olivia and Nana at breakfast
Olivia and Pattie or "Pabbie" as Olivia calls her
Olivia and Kiki on the teacups ride
Olivia and Titi on the carousel
Yes, Ana Blair was there, but this is what she did all day long, what a tough life!


The Cherry Tree 123 said...

Looks like so much fun. The girls look adorable.

The Hardin Family said...

Hey Rebecca! Thanks so much for the's nice to know someone else has had the same concerns. Your girls are beautiful and you look great!