Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving at Our House

Michael and I hosted Thanksgiving at our house for the very first time ever this year! And...I may have made a few rookie mistakes...and...I may not have prepared all the dishes (the family generously offered to split the cooking responsibilities up)...but...I think it turned out great! Michael and I prepared our first turkey. I wish I would have taken a picture because it was a beaut! I was super nervous about the turkey and seriously considered a phone call to my local Honey Baked Ham at times, but I'm glad we did it! As usual, I didn't get nearly as many pics as I had hoped I would...Olivia helped me set the table with my pilgrim napkins
My table with chairs pulled from every far corner of the house...luckily, my table is huge--however, I don't have enough matching chairs
Yum...what a spread

There's a little pilgrim behind the pumpkin digging into her turkey a wee bit early!

Is pumpkin face turning into my little turkey face??

Big sister was on the move this day. This was the only time she sat still all day. She orchestrated the whole day to entertain her guests...she told me she "just wanted to make sure our guests were having fun." Her entertainment included a rousing rendition of Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA," complete with a gymnastics dance routine...(we are talking handstands and cartwheels about 5 inches from my Christmas tree)

After dinner we watched Four Christmases (HI-larious) and played Dirty Santa to welcome in the holiday season...we were exhausted, but had a great day!

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Your Thanksgiving table looks great! And your girls are super cute!