Monday, November 2, 2009

Monster Mash Lunch

Scared you??
Olivia's teacher wanted a Monster themed lunch, so me as super room mom (joking) did my best to oblige and thus...the Monster Mash Lunch...seriously, we have some really great and creative moms in Olivia's class this year. We had Mummy hot dogs, monster pizzas, ghost chips, monster mouths (fruit), green mac & cheese and monster punch. Cute, easy ideas for Halloweens to come!
Olivia's table getting ready to feast
Olivia's team getting ready for the scavenger front--Sullivan (aka Olivia's boyfriend)...he painted her a picture and from that moment on she has been in LUV
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Running past me, she was so excited she found one of "Steve's bones" part of the scavenger hunt
Taking a whack at the pinata...let's just say this delicate flower will never be a power hitter...
Olivia and Molly
Happy with her pinata loot
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