Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mother/Daughter Dance

Yesterday was Mother/Daughter Dance at Olivia's dance school. She had so much fun, but did tell me I wasn't the best one there (w-w-w-what??). Pretty sure I was! Its been a long time since I danced to anything, except the occasional romp around the house with Olivia...let's just say I broke a sweat! There is definitely a different skill set for the 2/3 year old class and the 4/5s!

This was taken during "freeze dance." All the girls dance freestyle to a Hannah Montana song and freeze when the music stops...I almost fell over laughing so hard watching Olivia try to make sure she was frozen into a pose for when the music stopped!
It was so much fun...not nearly as fun as Father/Daughter Dance will be...stay tuned for pics in January!
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