Tuesday, September 1, 2009

11 Months Already!

I cannot believe this sweet pumpkin face is almost a year old. She is such a joy. 11 months have flown by, and she has really changed this month! We love you so much sweet Ana Blair!

At 11 months, here's the skinny:
  • You have given up on your bottle, except for nighttime.
  • You love milk, and especially water from a straw--ESPECIALLY if its water from Sonic, but who doesn't??
  • You continue to be a very good sleeper and love your bed, but you are an early bird!
  • You talk, talk, talk...some words: Mama, Daddy (pronounced Daddies), Nana, Bye Bye, Hi, Thanks and Drum Roll Please....Big Sister
  • You clap and wave
  • You can stand alone and have taken a step
  • You have learned about the bow that you were born with in your hair and think its hilarious to take it out and put it in Mommy's hair.
  • You love Chanel sunglasses, again--who doesn't??
  • You love to laugh, lucky for us there is a 4 year old living in this house who loves to make people laugh!
  • You are starting to love your blanket, or anything soft in your bed
  • You absolutely love Mollie and love giving her bone to her. And whenever you are on the floor, Mollie runs across the house to find her bone and brings it to you so you can "give it to her"

Time has definitely flown with this sweet girl

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