Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back to the Beach

Last week we were lucky enough to get to go back to the beach one last time before fall really kicks into gear (you may or may not remember that I am slightly neurotic about holidays--and I swear to you that if I were to look over to my right hand side right now that I absolutely would NOT be looking at a Halloween village!). We didn't know if September would be that great, but we enjoyed it SO much! The weather and everything were absolutely perfect.
Love how sweet Ana Blair is looking at Big Sister in this one
These two are so cute together...he is truly at her beck and call
My favorite things in the world...
Decisions, decisions....a girl's life is so tough
These pictures are reversed, but notice who isn't in this picture...
Daddy was trying to get them all dunked with the water, but Olivia was smart enough to get out of there!!

She loved, loved, loved the water

This is what Ana Blair would do every time Michael put her underwater. It was like she was checking to make sure her hair was still there!!

Look carefully...those are Olivia's legs at the very tip top of the shot!

One night after dinner Michael took the girls outside so the rest of us could eat in peace...I gave him the camera to take a couple of pics.
Pole dancing, really??
Now, its back to the real world...BUT!! There is a silver lining...this week I break out the Halloween decorations!


The Roper's said...

I was just planning to get out my decorations this week...was wondering if people would laugh at me. I just don't think that I can wait anymore!! And your beach pictures are GREAT!!!

Lindsey said...

Those are great pics! LOVE the one of Michael and the girls, it is just precious. And I just got out my Halloween decorations, but haven't put them up just yet!

Deana said...

You got to go back!!! How awesome- is it crowded there in Sept?

The Roper's said...

I nominate you for the Kreativ Blogger award...look @ my page!