Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Little Mermaid

For the past 8 days Olivia has had swim lessons. At the end of these 8 days, these are the things I know: she and I are both physically and mentally exhausted. She is sick, apparently from swimming from the funk that comes from 6 children in a pool from sun up until sundown. We are the proud owners of a baby doll that can swim who is now in the process of "swimming" all the way to our house because I had to order her online--thanks Jennifer!! She is in the middle of a heated debate with her Daddy about piercing her ears--thanks Anna! And lastly, she can swim!! She loves it (unless water goes up her nose--and watch out if that happens). She can float on her back by herself, jump off the diving board and swim to the ladder, swim across the deep end of the pool. And she almost swam from the diving board the whole length of the pool without a breath--only because she does not enjoy taking a breath while swimming and would prefer for her lungs to explode rather than taking a breath...even with Ms. Mildred screaming, "Pick your head up, take a breath!"

Thanks to the Denton's for videoing her for me!! I wouldn't even begin to know how to download videos from our camera to the computer. I think I am seeing a Flip in my future!

I am SO proud of her!!


The Dunavant Family said...

awesome Olivia!! Can't wait to see you next week :)

Jennifer said...

Yes... I now have 2 girls with pierced ears...thanks to little Ms. Anna! I mentally was not prepared for that today...some how it just happened! Oh my!