Monday, July 20, 2009

Reunited...And It Feels So Good!!

Last week we headed to the beach, but we made a (too) brief pitstop on the way to see the Dunavant family in Wilmington. Life has just not been the same here in Knoxville without them. We wondered how Olivia and Emma Grace would act after being apart for a whole year. But after about 30 seconds of shyness in the driveway, they picked up right where they left off. Bossing each other around, but having the time of their life! I don't have a picture, but they had their first sleepover and believe it or not, they slept all night long together!!

Sadly, this really is one of the best pictures I got the whole weekend. They were just so excited they couldn't sit still long enough for a picture.

Playing dress up
And these two got to be pretty quick friends too! They were hilarious to watch!
As you can see, both of these girls are as long as puffs were free-flowing they were happy!
I have complained a lot about not being able to get a good pic of my girls together...try 4.

Another failed attempt

The infamous pose

I love how Ana Blair is holding on to Mia in this one.

We had so much and we miss you guys already! Can't wait to see you in September!
Tammy actually got a cute pic of the two of them together...
And the sleepover...

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The Dunavant Family said...

Gosh, we miss you guys. I love seeing all the pictures of how much fun the kids had. I can't wait for AB and Mia to see one another again in September, they will have changed so much. Keep working on your speech, you might just convince him.