Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Beach Bound!

After leaving the Dunavants we took the short drive on to Myrtle Beach...this was Olivia's favorite mode of transportation
On the first night we had a super classy hot dog meal! Daddy and Alvin sat up at the counter with Olivia

Daddy and his girls
This is how Olivia napped most days...she would just pass out
Cookie and Pop Pop came this year!
Olivia the fish swimming with her diving toys
So sweet
The water slide!!
I was so proud of Olivia doing this all by herself! I had parents coming up to me all week asking how she learned to swim so well...shout out to Ms. Mildred!
She learned that she would go faster if she laid down
Who is this doll face??

Ana Blair is difficult to get a pic of these days...as soon as you set her down she takes off
Pajama Walk

Sweet Ana Blair was ready for a nap
Olivia and Nana
Ana Blair doing her favorite thing...snacking

Not such a great effort at a family pic
Tried for a little impromptu Cherry Tree photo shoot, but it didn't pan out...sorry Melia!

I love to see these two together

She came up with this pose on her own...do I see a swimsuit competition in the future??

On the last day Olivia wanted a hair wrap, until she realized that it hurt!
We had such a good time at the beach, but it went by way too fast! We are SO excited we get to go back in September this year! Rest up, Marriott--we'll be back soon!
Now onto moving...my poor computer will be unplugged today until we are settled...maybe I can get more done that way! I'll post pics of the new house soon!


sophiemac photography said...

Could you give me the number of the swimming teacher? I think I'm putting my kids in a class.

Deana said...

oh my gosh-- you went to the same place we went tooo!!!!! we love the Marriott, my in-laws have a time share there so we love all the amenities!!!! Hope you had a blast and so love the woodsy pool!! When will you guys go back? We will go in June again w/Jason's parents. Tell me what you guys did and ate-- b/c I want to try more next summer, this was our second time there and I am getting a little more used to it, but it still isn't Destin or Florida!!!

Jennifer said...

I'm so impressed that you got this updated in the midst of a move! Looks like you had a great trip and best of luck with the move! Looking forward to pics!

The Claunch Family said...

Deana, we love the Marriott too. This was our first time there, but my family has a time share so we are going back in September. The pools are perfect for the kiddos--and the banana daquaris were okay for the parentals too! I usually try to plan out every meal, but we just kind of went with the flow this year with Ana Blair being so young. You should go to a restaurant in Murrell's Inlet next time. It is about 30-40 minutes away, but SO pretty and they have a marsh walk there. Drunken Dog is the best there.