Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Everyone knows my holiday obsessions by now, so it will come as no surprise that throughout my whole pregnancy, apart from the health of the baby, my biggest worry was when I was going to fit the pumpkin patch in. Sad, but true. Even Michael commented to me this morning how glad he was I was getting to do this since it had worried me so much. So, earlier in the week I decided this would be the perfect weekend to go, before I become too sleep deprived thanks to my little bundle of joy. We had such a good time getting to be with Olivia, and I think she enjoyed some face time with Mommy and Daddy. And we didn't have to worry about the baby because we left her in Nana's hands before she headed back home. We did miss the Dunavant family this year though. One of the first things Olivia asked me when I told her we were going was whether or not Mr. Randy would be there (sorry Tammy and Emma Grace, but I guess we know who her favorite was!). I love pumpkin patch pictures...I know this is a lot, but trust me, it is a very abbreviated version of all that I took!

Olivia and her pumpkin. It took her about 5 minutes to choose one this year. Last year we spent at least an hour in the patch looking for the perfect "baby pumpkin."
Our 4 pumpkins, Daddy, Mommy, Olivia and Ana Blair


Deana said...

Oh I am so glad- We are going to our first pumpkin patch this coming weekend!!! Doesn't that sound stupid I can't remember the last pumpkin patch I have ever been too. But I am so excited for all the activities and I just know Dayne is going to love it!!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Wait... How old is Ana Blair? And you are already headed to the pumpkin patch. I'm impressed! I'm sure Olivia loved being with just her mommy and daddy! Love Olivia's outfit!