Thursday, October 30, 2008

Preschool Party

Today was Olivia's Halloween party at preschool. They started off with a costume parade in the morning and a party that afternoon. She wasn't so sure she wanted me there, told me to "go away." Then she said I could stay, gee thanks. My pictures are all out of order, but here is my little Martha Stewart working on her pumpkin craft.
Story time
A group picture this morning, aren't they the cutest?
My little Dorothy
And I couldn't leave out this little pumpkin face, who btw, Olivia now refers to as Poopy Baby.


Deana said...

Your Ana is precious!! She is so beautiful!!
And we had our hands full today too with preschool fun!!!

Denton Family said...

Love the pics. I had so much fun with Olivia. I just love the picture of Ana Blair in the bow.

caroline G said...

Hi! You have the cutest family! Congratulations! Good to hear from you and I will keep in touch through the blog world.

The Hadfields said...

Love your pictures, your girls are too cute!!!