Monday, October 27, 2008

More Fall Fun!

I'm sure everyone is starting to think that when I said I loved Halloween, that was a major understatement. We have been busy little bees running back and forth to any Halloween activity I can find, we are all worn out after such a busy weekend!
Sorry to be posting so many pics, but this was a packed weekend! Friday night was the Halloween party that I've already posted on, Saturday night was Titi and Poppy's Halloween Party and Sunday was our first trip to church as a family of four, the Pumpkin Express and our Life Group's Halloween Party. Busy, Busy, Busy!
I am not kidding when I say Ana Blair is an angel of a baby. But it seems like every time I get the camera out, she starts to cry. This was before she had an explosive diaper and guess what Mom of the Year forgot diapers at home! Michael had to run to Spring City to the Piggly Wiggly about 10 minutes before they closed to find whatever diapers they had there!
Olivia and Aunt Titi carving their pumpkin, I thought it was cute how hard they were working!
On Sunday we took a ride on the 3 Rivers Rambler for the Pumpkin Express. Olivia loved it. I'm glad we did it, but I probably won't be making a regular tradition out of it! We rode outside though, which was different. Thank goodness we had good weather! A pathetic attempt at a family picture after we all made it to church for the first time, no one was in the right frame of mind.

Ana Blair resting after church. She woke up long enough to eat during church and promptly spit up the entire bottle all over her perfect white gown and then settled back down to sleep. She never knew she went up front to get her baby Bible.
My feeble attempt to get a cute pic of Olivia in her Halloween dress
The last 3 pictures are in reverse order, don't know why...but they are Olivia bobbing for an apple (not a fan), her with her apple and then decorating it and making a caramel apple. She told me this morning she didn't know why they put the "brown" on the apple. It tastes better without it!

And for some reason, now we are back on the train! Olivia had fun, but let me say she was not, I repeat, NOT in the mood for Mommy to take pictures.


Mary-Kate said...

You always have them in the cutest outfit! But I wouldn't expect any less from you! :)

Jennifer said...

Too cute!! I love Olivia's cute little pumpkin outfit!! I really need a little girl!!HA!

Deana said...

Your girls are precious!!! Olivia is so cute!! Well I am getting my niece next week so I can't wait to join in this world of girls!!! We may steal her when she comes we have told her parents that- they are first time parents so they are totally freaking out right now :-)