Sunday, October 5, 2008


Ana Blair Claunch
Ana Blair and Daddy
Ana Blair with Mommy, don't know why I look like I have a mullet
Napping with Mommy the next morning
Big Sister meeting Baby Girl for the first time
I love Olivia's stance in this picture, she has been like this pretty much since she met the baby
Sweet Baby
Olivia and Ana Blair
Daddy and Ana Blair napping
Getting ready to go home in the dress Cookie made for her
Finally, at home!
Sleeping peacefully in her bed


Jennifer said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!!! Congrats on your new baby girl!!! Hope that things at home are going well for all four of you!!

The Roper's said...

Congrats!!! So is so pretty and you look great! Love the name Ana Blair :)

Denton Family said...

She is Beautiful! I can't wait to meet her.

Jennifer said...

Such sweet and pretty girls! Congratulations on the arrival of Ana Blair!

Elizabeth said...

What sweet, precious pictures! Ana Blair is so pretty! Congratulations to all of you! Looks like Olivia will be lots of help!