Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pre-Birthday Lunch

Every year we go to the Mellow Mushroom to eat the day before Olivia's birthday. I've told story on here before, but it basically goes that I insisted on eating there while I was in labor with Olivia before going to the hospital. This year we were joined by Cookie and Pop Pop, Aunt Titi and Poppy, and most of the Whitehead crew (which, in a family of 6....that's still a lot!)
Olivia and her best buddy, Katherine

Olivia and Carson

Please pray for me as these two grow up together...can you see the problems in my future??

And yes, Pumpkin Face was there. And yes, she retired to the out of doors halfway through lunch...restaurants aren't really her thing!

And afterward, we came home and celebrated with birthday cupcakes before settling in for a nice long Sunday afternoon nap!

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