Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Graduate

Please forgive me if my blogs get a little sappy over the next few months. My baby is getting too big. This mama is getting a little emotional! Last Monday night was her preschool graduation...and I cried as much as I probably will when she graduates from high school one day!

Olivia and her preschool friend Vanessa

Onstage singing...she has changed so much the last two years! The first preschool program she was in, she was quiet and shy. She was loud and animated this time, we were so proud!

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Getting her sweet girl's future has her as a mommy and a nurse in the hospital!

They threw their graduation caps at the stinking cute!

Olivia and Molly

Olivia and Kaitlyn

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What a great experience we have had at Farragut Church of Christ Preschool. I literally could not ask for more! My child has learned SO much and more importantly, has become a confident, kind, self-assured girl that I know will do great in Kindergarten!


The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

Rebecca is that a little boy named Landon standing next to Olivia in the pictures on stage?? He looks like a friend from high school's son that goes to the same preschool I'm pretty sure. Just funny....
Good luck with all the changes coming on!!

Denton Family said...

She has blossomed into a beautiful little girl ready to tackle Kindergarten. She is ready and you will be ok. Its tough but ok. I Love her.