Monday, October 5, 2009

Breakfast at Mimi's

Since we already had Ana Blair's birthday party, I decided I couldn't let the day go by without doing a little something special...enter my brilliant idea...Olivia has been dying for breakfast at Mimi's since their delish pumpkin muffins have arrived for the season. So, Thursday before school Olivia, Ana Blair, myself, Nana and Pabbie headed to Mimi's at 7:45. A piece of cake right, considering Ana Blair is always up by 6:45. Well, on this day, her birthday, she decided to celebrate by sleeping until 7:20. Let me just say, my children were still wearing their pajamas when we pulled into the parking lot of Mimi's!
But we made it, had a delicious breakfast and got to school on time!

BTW, Olivia is wearing her cute outfit that I had made for the birthdays, but she decided her orange jacket was a must have accessory for the day and never took it off!

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