Friday, August 28, 2009

Swimming Lessons, Part 2

Olivia has spent the last 8 days in her second session of swimming lessons with Ms. Mildred. After 8 days, the only thing I am thinking is, "Hallelujah!!" I am so glad that it is over! She did so good, but 8 days is a big commitment, for both of us! She wasn't super thrilled about me leaving her this time since last session was Mom and Me, but she warmed up after a while. She wanted me to take a picture of Ms. Mildred to send to Pabbie...(even though Pabbie was with us one day when we dropped her off!)
Nana came to Show and Tell on the last day!

Swimming on her back, all by herself!
Swimming across the deep end
Diving board, she would jump off and swim all the way to the other end of the pool
Olivia was glad when it was over and told Ms. Mildred she would see her next summer--not next week or tomorrow! She has decided that she wants to get her ears pierced as a reward for doing so well. I told her she had to talk to her Daddy about that one, so the jury is still out on that one. We're going back to the beach in September, so I told her we can't do it until we get back (Dr. Fogle said so--you'd be amazed as to how many situations that gets me out of!). Personally, I think her daddy is going to cave, but we'll see!

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