Sunday, August 2, 2009

10 Months...Can You Believe It??

Its hard to believe that 10 months have come and gone with this little pumpkin face in my life! Ana Blair has always been such a joy to our little family, but she has really grown into her own "person" over the past month. She has a temper, a sense of humor and best of all--tons and tons of love for those of us she's around all the time. She's crawling, pulling up and just today she started cruising!! She has 3 teeth (2 on bottom and 1 on top), and she LOVES food! What can I say, I guess she comes by that honest! She's very vocal, some of her newer words are thanks, sis (Olivia wants to be called sister, but she will definitely settle for sis for now!), yes or yeah and she says bye bye and kind of sort of waves.
We love our sweet baby girl, Ana Blair
These two love each other so much...example--Olivia HATES cheese. Ana Blair LOVES Gerber's Cheese puffs. Today Ana Blair thought it would be funny to feed it to Olivia and sweet Big Sister ate it!
This is what most photo attempts of Ana Blair turn out like, she is on the go!
Sweet girl, look how long her hair is getting...almost time for a trim!
Ana Blair must be happy in the new house too. She has (knock on wood) adjusted her wake up time from 6 to 7:30 since we've been here. HALLELUJAH!!


Denton Family said...

I could not believe how light her hair looked this morning. She is so cute...wheres the big bow?

The Claunch Family said...

Its coming! I've been stepping her up to a "Level 2" lately. She's got to train her neck muscles to be able to hold up the giant ones!