Monday, March 30, 2009

Twilight Party

It has been said that my sister doesn't do anything on a small scale. And her intimate gathering I was invited to this weekend to watch the Twilight DVD was no exception. She transformed her entire living room into a Twilight tribute! Notice the glasses on the table have "Cs" etched onto them. Her last name is Stooksberry. The "C" is for Cullen, now for Claunch, since I plan on stealing them! She bought everything on the table (dishes included) just for the party.
She had my aunt and uncle drive to Nashville to pick up the cake, also with a blood red "C"
Her puppy dog Esmerelda got in on the action. She also got Ana Blair a Twilight onesie, but I haven't got a pic yet.
And here is our little crowd. Yes. Everyone has Twilight shirts on. What nerds we are.
From left to right: I Run with Werewolves
Your scent is like a Drug to me
I Heart Boys Who Sparkle
Team Jacob
Personally, I'm not sure why she let the Jacob fans in on the fun, but I guess it takes all kinds!


The Roper's said...

Oh this sounds like how my family does parties! How fun!!!

The Cherry Tree 123 said...

Sounds like fun! I need to see the movie!

Jennifer said...

Hilarious!! I bet that you guys had a blast! I LOVE TWILIGHT!!

The Hadfields said...

I love it!! We had a similar twilight party Saturday night!! FUN!

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

Hysterical! What fun! Love that you have a blog too...hooray, another way to keep in touch!!