Thursday, March 19, 2009

Olivia Visits the Aquarium

Noggin has started showing the Olivia the Pig show and my Olivia was very excited that we got to really live the episode by going to the aquarium. In this episode, Olivia swims with sea lions, so Olivia was very excited when she saw them (otters). I don't think we saw any real sea lions.
On Tuesday, me, Olivia, Pattie, my mom-a.k.a. Nana and of course, Ana Blair went to Chattanooga to visit the Aquarium. I hadn't been in years and years, Olivia loved it! She probably enjoyed getting her face painted like a butterfly the most though. Mommy did not love scrubbing it off though!
Olivia and her partner in crime, Pabbie

Olivia and Nana
And my little leprechaun
Don't let her fool you, she wasn't this sweet all day long!

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The Cherry Tree 123 said...

How fun! I think the last time I went was with you! Glad Olivia had fun and I like her dress of course!