Wednesday, January 7, 2009

3 Months...

Can you believe Ana Blair is already 3 months old?? I can't. And can you believe she started crying when I tried to take her picture?? She was perfectly happy. I took some of her and Olivia first and she was smiling and content, I sit her there by herself and she lost it! Oh well, I guess this is becoming a trend! She is such a good baby, really. At 3 months she is smiling, laughing, trying to roll--but can't yet and she is sleeping 10-12 hours at night (Yay!). She is a really happy baby, she's a good eater--pretty much the only time she cries is when she is hungry or can't get settled to sleep, she loves to watch big sister do anything to entertain her (and believe me, she does plenty) and she hates bathtime! I don't remember Olivia still hating the bath, but I don't know.

See, she's almost smiling for the camera here!!
School started back this week. Olivia was so excited, but not as excited as mommy!
Here is Olivia at 3 months, for comparison...The picture of Ana Blair screaming doesn't look like this, but I think if you've seen her in person you would think they look alike...

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