Saturday, January 24, 2009

3 Month Pictures

I finally got Ana Blair to her 3 month sitting! Ana Blair, as we all know, doesn't really have patience with photography, so I was happy with them. She even grinned in a couple! I fed her during the session and notice how much chubbier she looks once the backdrop is black...can we say double chin? I really wanted a picture of the two of them, and I'm thrilled with some of those!
If you want to see, go to
Click on Enter Site (I can't believe how much Olivia has changed since those pictures, those were from her 2 year pictures)
Click on Client Proofing
The password is Claunch012109

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Denton Family said...

I need to download something to see the site, but I went to Nancy's blog and your pics are beautiful. Nancy does great work.